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Fitting Dog

I had a 'phone call last night from my son who was very upset as his little Jack RusselXDacshund was having a fit. Nothing different had been happening they were just sitting watching TV when he started fitting, he then messed every where and barked  uncontrollably for around 20 minutes. They rang a vet who reassured them a little and will have him checked this morning. Has anyone had a similar experience ? Must admit I never have and didn't know how to advice him.  
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Mum has the same cross breed back in september they were at a show when the dog suddenly had what looked like a fit fell over and has been off her back legs since. she went straight to a nearby vets who gave her pain killers until they could get to their own vets on the monday. own vets gave a 20% chance she would recover on the first visit. a day or two later the dog was rushed in with bladder problems and was kept in for a week until she could empty her own bladder. mum has since been walking her using a strap to support her back end two or three times a day, this seems to be working as the dog has taken a few steps unaided. the vets now give her a 95% chance of full recovery. mum was told the problems come from the dashund side of the mix.

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