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Fit curtain pole without drilling?

How do I (we) fix a curtain pole to the wall without drilling.

We are not allowed to drill into the wall because of some damp-proofing membrane at the back of the plaster.

So, we have a real problem. We need curtains.

How do we get around it. Would Gorilla Glue work?

It is the only thing they have asked us not to do - to drill into this wall.

What's your thoughts?  

Advice from OH:

You'll need to bond a piece of wood to the wall using something like No More Nails or Grip Fill.  Make sure the paintwork area underneath has been scored so it will stick well.  The wooden bit needs to be wide enough and long enough for the curtain pole brackets/fixings you're using but don't put the fixings too close to the end of the wooden batten or else it will split.

Hope this helps.  

Brilliant. Thank you.

Will it hold some weight though?

OH says if the plaster is keyed up properly and the piece of wood you put up is wide/long enough.  He says it's your best option if you can't drill into the walls.

Alternatively, he says you could ceiling mount the curtain pole?

He's also said - usually curtain tracks/poles are the Landlord's responsibility as it's part of "fixtures and fittings"?

How high is the damp outside?

Is it a cellar?

As the pole is going over a window the damp cant rise directly above it.

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