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fishing weights

hi,my friends nephew has just lost his mum,a single parent,the only thing that interests him is sea fishing.having no cash he,s finding it hard to afford tackle,at 13 his earning potential is low so we came up with the idea of cement weights.some coathanger wire,egg boxe,s and a small amount of a strong sand and cement mix we made some cheap weights.we could make lead but he can do this himself with no danger.

I think that concrete weights are good idea, may be not brilliant in heavy tidal runs but still enterprising.

Have you considered running a freecycle ad?

I got a bag full of breakaway beach casting leads a couple of months back.

Old spark plugs work well at the lower weight end of things.


hey the plugs for my bike are 17 quid each!!haha wont be using those!!  

Yer OK Rodney.
Just ask at your local garage then, they only bin 'em.

Bazzer wrote:
Old spark plugs work well at the lower weight end of things.

Brilliant idea Bazzer   I remember seeing them in my dads fishing box when i was a nipper.

Hi Gorlan, I make some of my own weights for Barbel fishing, what I do is find large pebbles --4oz  5oz ish  in my case. Next I put a small slit 3mm deep in the top edge, then I stick a swivel in using plastic padding liquid metal. They cost next to nothing! Hope this helps, and tight lines.


If 4oz weights for sea fishing is what he needs, then I have a few that he can have.

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