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Fishing the River Forth.

A days fishing on the river forth 7th of July, I set out at half 6 in the morning to make the trip to Edinburgh. We arrived onto Granton harbour around half 7.

My cousin had got the name of the boat and fishing location wrong, the name of the boat was the Conserver.

and the name of the island is Inchkeith Island.

The boat had all mod cons as you can see.

So we headed out to the Island which is three and a half miles off shore,we fished the back of the Island at first which is quite near the shipping lane.

My cousin was the first to land a couple of mackerel, I was fishing the other side of the boat but got nothing

We then moved a little closer to the Island and stopped for lunch,after lunch we hit a shoal of mackerel and managed to fill a box fairly quickly.

We fished for another hour or so and the total of fish caught each was 35 mackerel.

The skipper decided to take us onto the Island but thats another thread,with a load of pics  

Edinburgh Castle in the background.

We were  totally chin strapped but we had a brilliant day out on the river forth. Cant wait to do it again. The next time we will be getting left on the Island with a tent. Should be a good laugh.

I really fancy that island mate! Those pics of it you showed me tonight really piqued my interest  

Did you have any of the mackeral that night? I reckon split-fresh mackies are seriously hard to beat as table fish! The supermarket ones are a pale shadow of how a mackeral should taste  

We had a couple of the mackerel on the boat,done in a bucket of sea water,you canny whack it when its that fresh mate  

I'll see what I can do to get you onto the boat for the next trip out.  

Thanks mate!

I reckon that may be a trip to remember  

Its a crackin day out, and we're due to go back out for an overnight stay.

Theres a lot of history on the island from Mary queen of scots being stationed on there with her frog soldiers, to King James's experiment,(can't remember what one though ) by putting too deaf mute adults onto the island with a hearing child to find out what accent the child would have! Turned out they forgot all about them and they died.Not forgetting the people with leprosy that were dumped onto the Island and prison for the ww2 to the light house.........the place is steeped in history mate  

Going back many moons had a fantastic days hooking on the Solway Firth. Four of us absolutely mullered the Hounds. The skipper couldn't believe the length of our rods and the fact we were so light and casting. Uptiding was still a little known practice being localised around the south Essex coast at that time.
He was that impressed he asked if we could stay an extra day and fish for free in a Hounds Comp. He'd never seen so many caught in a session and fancied his chances of winning it with us onboard. Sadly we couldn't stay for it.

Thanks for sharing your day with us all TF

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