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I'm thinking about making some fishcakes for tomorrows evening meal.

As I will be using cod I'm debating weather to use mustard or horseradish, just to give them a little teak, .

Which one would you use, or would you use something else to teak them up a little.

why not make half of them with mustard, and half with horseradish, that way you can have two taste sensations on your plate.

I like both flavours with white fish, and would be hard pressed to make a decision.  


capers for me!!

My son Rob has been making fishcakes all summer at the pub that he's been working in. I'll try my best to get him to post the recipe that he uses.

Thanks Bodger

I can't get him to post but here is what he uses.

A good load of mashed potatoes ( they use dried potato flakes ) Mixed  fish, they use a lot of salmon, then there's frozen prawns, and then the mix is seasoned with black pepper and dill.

I'm sorry that I can't get anymore out of him but I presume that the fish is precooked and flaked before the whole lot is mixed and made into fish cake shaped lumps
Rob makes tons of them and uses a full bag of potato flakes and a full side of salmon.
The cakes are then rolled in bread crumbs and fried.

Cheers, thats basically what I have done aswell, only I used fresh cod and put an hard boiled egg in the fish and spud mix.

I'm now in the middle of making a tartar sauce.

In the end I went with capers, mustard and horseraddish in a home made tartar and plain cod fish cakes.

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