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Fish on Friday: White Fish & Sweet Chili Sauce.

Fish on Friday: White Fish & Sweet Chili Sauce.

It really doesn't get any simpler or tastier than this.

Place your Haddock (or other white Fish) fillets on to some foil, rub in a little salt & pepper and powdered Coriander, and smoother with sweet chilli sauce.
Top with uncooked but peeled prawns and add even more sweet chilli sauce.

Securely close the foil packet, place on a flat metal tray and cook on a high heat in the oven for no more than 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes in a high oven it is cooked, but not over cooked.
The fish has wonderful large tasty flakes and the Prawns have not been reduced to "rubber bullets."

Serve with your favourites.
We chose boiled Golden Rice, steamed julienne Carrots and Asparagus tops, with a beautifully rich Garlic & Mushroom white sauce.

Unless you try it it you really don't know how easy this was to cook and how tasty it was to eat.

Clearing up was also extremely easy, as cooking in foil retains the fishy smells and excess liquids so just fold it up and dispose of it in the outside dustbin.  

Oh Yum!! Will try that this weekend. I love fish and prawns and when you add sweet chilli sauce = Heaven!!


Sounds yum yum but as I am not allowed to eat prawns I would have to try something else.

And coming up to lunchtime I am really hungry now!

You can substitute the Prawns with slices of Mango and/or whole fruit berries which both go extremely well with White Fish and sweet chili sauce.

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