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First trot on Elnoor

After three days of walking off the lunge line I decided to ask for trot and this is what I got! Makes the ground work worth it. She was so balanced and trotted about 8 big circles on both reins!

Dave C

Very nice

She looks to have very good posture already
Well done, she is a credit to you

You both look very happy and at comfortable  

Spot on Fran.

I know nothing about how she's supposed to look but she looks very elegant.

Calm! That's the nice thing about her
Good progess

I'm with Mo, I know nowt, but I'm still impressed.
chicken feed

you work well together. a real credit to your hard work  

Well done  

Looking GOOD Doodle, shes coming on really well. Looks lovely and balanced. Love Lizzie
mrs tiggywinkle

 Looking good Doodle. The hard works paying off.

lovely to see  

Its lovely to follow her progress, you are both doing so well.

i'm quite new to this site so haven't followed your earlier progress, but if this is your first trot on your lovely mare very well done   she looks lovely and relaxed and is tracking up nicely  

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