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First time

This morning, for the first time this year, i heard the Cuckoo that lives in the woods round me. He or she was really going for it and was constantly calling for approx 40 minutes.

It was lovely to hear but at 4am i wish he could have slept in abit.

Yorkshire Geordie

The cuckoo is getting rarer I think, especially here in East Devon at any rate.
When I were a lad they could be heard regularly in our neck of the woods.
The only cuckoo I've hear in the last few years is the thing in our kitchen which calls all the hours and halves.  
I switch him off before I go to bed - if I remember.

I have not heard a cuckoo for years

It's funny that you should post about hearing the cuckoo -
I was stopped in my tracks this morning when I heard a
cuckoo in a copse for the first time in many years here
I stood transfixed until it stopped - it was wonderful

We haven't heard them here this year

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