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First time pigeon shooting

Just realised I have not posted on the site for a while (sorry must try harder)

Well yesterday I went out on my first pigeon shoot  

A chap I shoot clays with, invited me out. So a nice early start we were off to the barley field, to an area that was flatted with the rain and winds we had the last few days.

As we turned up a dozen or so pigeons flew off the patch so we guessed we were in the right area.

Was shown how to set up the decoys and we set up the hide and were set for the day.

Was not long before we had some action, a couple flew over checking out the site, to which we had a bit of a pop at (not really a shot but had to get the guns dirty).

But the day really improved, we only had the odd 15 - 20 min quiet patch, the rest of the time we saw loads of them.
Not all were in range, and only a very few came in to land, but by the end of the day we had got about 40 of them  

I say about, we were not counting and we lost quite a few in the barley field and in the next field (which we did not have permission to enter) and we did not have a dog.

We are going to go back in a few weeks once the crop has been harvested for another go.

Was great to get an introduction, and I know we were very lucky to see so much action.
And I realise that although my clay shooting is not too bad, I need to improve my live targets (many pigeons survived to fly another day)

Sounds like a great day out.... thanks for sharing...we all tend to vanish from the forum at times, yet we all somehow come back..

Wonder Why?  

A great day! We've had pigeon shooters around here for the last few weeks, I have a few pigeon breasts in the freezer for later, just for saying hello whilst walking the hound
They are now shooting over stubble from bale hides, the barley was harvested last week, just before the rains arrived.
Dave C

Sounds a great day, bet you are hooked now.

You need to get yourself out more oftern, then you can justify having a dog  

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