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First time fly fisher!!!

Hi all

I went for a days fly fishing yesterday to a lovely place called Press Manor!

I've never fly fished before but my son has, he took me in a field near home on saturday so that I could have a go!

It was quite hard not to wield the rod akin to a bullwhip at first!, He slowed me down and got me to shorten the stroke of each cast!

I had a Rainbow trout fist cast and lost a better one later on!

My son had three and also lost one..

Here's my solitary fish    I had a job holding it as it kept jumping about! Can hardly see the little feller for my hands!!

My lads fish..

The lake..

The lake was beautiful as was the weather!

I really want to fish the river Don here in Sheffield as it's full of native Brown Trout and Grayling1 (never had a Grayling before or a Brownie!).

Was complimented on my casting technique by a chap that teaches people!! He said he couldn't believe that it was my first fly fishing session!!

Cheers, john  
Dave C

Sounds an excellent day mate, well done

You cant beat casting some flies on a sunny day with your lad.

Enjoy your new hobby pal

Spot on John. You can't beat a spot of water whipping.

Sounds like a great day out, the start of a new hobby?

Cuffed for you....what a great day out with your Lad...    

What a loverly place to start and well done both of you
Grandma Bodger

loved the pics made me wish I was there lets have some more  

Sounds as if you could be hooked. Fantastic, stay with it, you'll never regret it.

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