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First organic Cod Farm Fails.

The first atempt at organic cod farming has gone down the pan to the tune of £40 million pounds according to the Telegraph today. The 'No Catch' brand based in the Shetlands has been sold to the Norwegians who will used the facility to raise organic salmon instead.

Its a great shame that in these days of overfishing the venture has failed, but lets face it, debts of such a magnitude don't really suggest a slight miscalculation. :smt103 The remaining 3,4000 tons of organic cod is currently being sold off in shops at a tenth of the normal price.

Ooops nearly forgot to tell you. Whilst on the subject of snippits in the Telegraph, apparently two portions of blueberrys a day are said to improve your memory. Of course, this is only true if you remember to buy them from the shops in the first place. rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif

It's a pity that we can't get the politicians to agree on bigger mesh sizes and less habitat destroying fishing methods.

Leaving a part of the dogger bank unfished as a breeding area wouldn't hurt either.

There would be less need then to concentrate wild species in cages with the resultant increase in disease and pollution.

I still can't understand why it isn't compulsory to change to the square mesh.  i know its a huge expense but grants could be offered to fisherman.  The EU hands out grants for everything else so why not on these sensible nets.....why not (OK going off on a tangent but its still to do with fish) because every other european country that fishes KEEPS the small fish in their nets and sells them, its part of their nations diets its only us stupid enough to throw the things back knowing they are going to die anyway

sorry rant over but for goodness sake they ought to make it one way or another - either change the nets and leave stock to mature and breed or eat the buggers until they are gone - don't just pay lip service to conservation.

You put it so much better than I did Debbie.    :-)

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