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First of many

- barrowloads of leaves carted off to the leaf mould bin. What do you do with yours? I find a wire mesh container the best method of making leaf mould. Its a very useful addition to the garden. Love Lizzie

Leaves from our garden go on to the open Leylandii cuttings compost heap to help "sweeten" it up a bit. The heap is currently sheeted down for the winter, but it still receives all the leaves I can rake up and 2 X 10 litre buckets full of my urine each week. Adding Deciduous leaves and urine is the only way I have found to quickly and successfully decompose the Leylandii cuttings; even then this compost is only really fit for mulching around the Leylandii.

Only you Gareth would store wee in a bucket . I take it Lois declines to join in!! Love Lizzie

lizzie44 wrote:
I take it Lois declines to join in!!  

Knowing Gareth, he has given her a shewee, and a bucket, so she is not missing out on the fun.      

The leaves from 2 huge sycamores get collected up and put into chicken pens - they love them

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