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First ice fishing of the season

Managed to get away yesterday for a few hours to one of my favorite fishing lakes on the Ontario border.
Set up on a point off an island that held decent pike in the summer.

4 inches of weaker slushy ice on top of 5 inches of clear stronger stuff- no problem with the hand auger but it'll be closer to 3 feet thick at the end of feb.

I use a very simple set up- a tip up rigged with a smelt set suspended about 2 feet above the bottom. I was fishing in about 6-10 feet of water.

First flag after about 45 mins- nice fat  eating size pike

Time for a cuppa and a small warm up fire

This fella then shows up- nice fish but thin. Pike this size are not as sweet tasting as the smaller ones. Fish released sucessfully - I'll try for him again in the summer.

Ended up with 4 fish caught and kept this two for tonights supper. Hopefully I can get away again in the new year and try for some walleye.


thank you for the share   and we think it's cold here!!!!

great pics and they've got me thinkin of food now

I agree with bullcross that looks very very cold     we never get to do that here   hope they taste as good as they look  

Excellent post

Do you mince the filets, if not, how do you prepare them for eating.

Its years since I tried my hand at ice fishing, we fished for cod and plaice.

Thanks for sharing, Robbery - that's a wonderful post  
Only ice fishing I've ever 'seen' involved Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau!

great post...enjoy!!


Nice one Tight lines mate.

That's a great post Robbery   Do you set multiple lines or just have the one on the go?  Also I can't quite get my head round the set up - is the reel part submerged when the trip trap is in situ?

Those pike of yours are a very different colour to the ones that we have over here.
Flatiron has a cover that he sits in with a heater.

Years ago my dad used to fetch pike home they where pond caught ,all was well until he gutted one and found a rat skin in it,s belly he stopped fetching them after that , i have always found them to be a very bony fish and not keen on them.

Thanks for the comments.
I fillet the fish using this technique


It leaves quite a chunk of flesh along the backbone which I've smoked in the past then flaked to remove all the Y bones - this way you extract the maximum amount of meat. The heads are kept for minnow and crawfish traps and the rest makes me some great compost. They are very bony but definatle worth the effort and weirdly are considered a "junk" fish over here.

Almost every frshwater fish here is very good eating during the winter but pike caught in summer tend to have softer flesh which definately isn't as tasty.

Jonty- the tip up is basically a spindle with a spool on the end. The spindle is set so that the spool sits below the water line in the hole to stop it freezing. On the top of the spindle are 2 projecting pins which the flag is bent under. When the fish takes the bait , playing line off the spool and turning the spindle which moves the pins , allowing the flag to pop up and get your heart racing.

Ahhh, I see.


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