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first dispatch

So today I dispatched my first chicken, our cockerel Barbara.  ( bought three hens one of which so far turned out to be a cockerel.)
On a previous post I mentioned that we wanted to keep chickens for various reasons, and we wanted layers and eaters, we were planing on getting specific eaters next year when we've build another hen house.
It started with him waking us all up at 5:30, me going out with all of my tools for the job, chasing the little bugger round, then getting my middle son to catch the sod.
It all went well.
I dispatched him because he was eating food, obviously not making eggs and was getting louder and louder by the day, he was also stinking up our little coop and bothering the girls .
I'm just a bit narked that I had to do it at all really. The lady that sold us them offered to swap, but she lives miles away and then I would have been introducing a single younger hen into the flock which I'm not comfortable with.
After we got the first three, we got another three ( lohmans browns) that started laying a week after got them,,,,,the first three show no signs as yet.
I wanted to have some different breeds, but after being conned I'm tempted to just get another three lohmans.

Brown commercial hybrids definitely lay the most eggs and are usually the most cost effective. Speaking from experience, with keeping poultry, you're always open to contracting collectomania !

Oh I'm already addicted Bodger, I was a little reluctant to get the hybrids, but they have won me over. They have lovely personalities and are very easy, and as you said, egg production is good and reliable.
We've only had one day without an egg and that was when our first layer started laying so late in the day that she stopped and reset.
I'm hooked!


That doesn't apply to me at all  

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