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First chicks 2016

An early start to this year's breeding season but I've a Silkie hen who is forever broody so gave in and set her on 9 eggs - 7 pekin and 2 of her own. All 9 hatched.For now they are indoors due to the dreadful weather but I can keep an eye on them with a remote camera we've set up in the pen.


It really is Spring, isn't it ? early, but it's definitely showing.

Sounds like your wee broody hen's a good one
Something incredibly appealling about new chicks.


If only the rain would stop!! This year is crazy I have bluebells flowering, also ragged robin both way too early.

I do prefer to see chicks outdoors but these seem happy for now. I've set the camera to live if anyone would like to waste time watching them. For now the page needs to be refreshed to update the image but we're working on that along with a stronger signal.

I daren't look! I'd be there all day  

Mo wrote:
I daren't look! I'd be there all day  

Know what you mean  Did peek will look later when your daytime.

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