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Dave C

First Broody

Got my first broody  

So should I let her rear the hatch that is due next week
Which has already lost 10 due to a dodgy Incy
But might still have 10 - 20 chicks depending on what the nursery school produce.  

Or should I set some eggs under her and let her do the business  

What do you think ?

I'd set some new under her.

My girls know how long it takes to hatch a clutch and anything less than the 'normal' 19-21 days has seen bad outcomes. (... Yes... Been there. Tried that. )

Give her a setting of her own , she will repay you for it .

I'm on my 4th broody so far this year. ( Bodger that what comes of having those silly feather dusters   )

Dave is she a tried and tested hen ? I had a Speckled Sussex who would go broody one day and happily accept foster chicks the next, even turkey chicks. If so you could try to foster the incubator chicks onto her, depending on how many you hatch as you don't want to be left with just a few to have to keep under a lamp, if the hen can't cover them all. Also if they are being hatched by the nursery, I'm guessing they would want to keep the chicks for a day or so and fostering is always more successful within the first 48 hours

Personally I would start her afresh, ( an excuse for more chicks) especially if your incubator is playing up.
Dave C

Yes your dead right Sandra and that's the way I am going.

She is not tried & tested but she is getting her turn to have a go.  

And like you say it's a good excuse for more chicks  

Not one broody here    I much prefer using them rather (ok as well as!) the incubator.
Dave C

Well with the borrowed Incy breaking down and loosing the eggs
And the Nursery school failing to hatch any I was only left with 6 chicks

So I decided to try them under the broody I have sitting La Bresse eggs.
So popped the chicks under the hen at night and the morning she was still sitting tight.
So I then put the eggs in the Incy and let her raise the chicks.

Just need another broody to adopt the eggs that are now in the Incy.  

lol The best way to do it if you get lucky is to set eggs under a broody at the same time as a bunch in an incubator, then when they hatch you foster the incy chicks to the broody, because a hen can raise a lot more chicks than she can hatch eggs.  

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