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First attempt at a file knife

Having spent the last 3 weeks down on the allotment and most of the time sheltering from the rain I stoked the wood burner up and put an old file and let it cook for the day then using a selection of files a fret saw hack saw and a hand drill and a piece of brass rod from an old mechano set and a few sheets of wet and dry produced this

Lessons learnt
1 NEVER NEVER EVER do it again by hand filing and hack sawing took ages
2 Pay more attention to the finer details eg polishing
3 Make more of an effort with symetry
4 Use better wood for the handle

It was hardened of using a Oxy propane gun and a large magnet
For a first go Im quite pleased with the end result especially with the red liners which I picked up of Ebay
The next effort is under way but thats being done at home using power tools

The blade is 3 inches and the handle is 3 1/2 inches
Poor quality images due to being taken on a phone


First attempt? That look fantastic!
jacquie sullivan

How to do


The forum has some untapped skills, why can't we produce a How to, giving people with a variety of skills to pass their know how, it could be anything, a poly tunnel
bread making
bee keeping to name but a few, my skill is setting up accounts using a simple spread sheet, (I know boring)
eventually we could purchase a how to information sheet, money going to  charity
just a thought
Jacquie Sullivan

Great knife, how does hardening with magnet and heat work?

JS we can do anything here   so why not?

sod wrote:
Great knife, how does hardening with magnet and heat work?

JS we can do anything here   so why not?

Because the file was annealed to allow me to shape it it needs to be hardened so I used the oxy propane to heat it to a cherry red you need to aim for what is known as the CRITICAL TEMPERATURE When the critical temp is reached the metal loses its magnatism so by using a magnet on the blade once it fails to stick the blade is then dropped into a pot of waste engine oil and cooled rapidly then in theory the blade should then be returned to its hardened state the blade should then be able to hold a better edge

A fantastic knife you've made there.

Really good  

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