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first 1/2 gallon test,,,, eeeeek!


What is it?
Yorkshire Geordie

I bet that's ecomum's home brew of mead.  
British Red

Two years at least before that will be drinkable if so!

Sorry, Bodger, yes its mead. I went for a rosehip mead recipe.

I thought I'd just make a little in case it was rubbish,, but I didn't consider all of the space in the top of the bottle 😩 so I'm not sure what effect that will have,,,,, we'll see I guess. I'll let you all know.
British Red

Properly a spiced Mead is a metheglin  

Don't even think of bottling for six months would be my advice. Mead ferments and clears slowly. A "Great Mead" must be in the bottle for not less than eight years.

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