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Fire brick question please

All 3 of the bricks at the back of my log burner stove have cracked into 3 bits. So is it worth getting some fire brick cement & fixing them or just getting new ones?
green man

Either solution will do.

In the past, we've managed to reuse the bricks out of old night storage heaters.

Any fire bricks will do if you can cut them to fit and there are usually a few to be found for free.
Fire cement is an easy option though and does last for a bit

I smashed up some firebrick with a sledge and put the gravel/dust in the cement mixer and left it run for a few hours. Then made a mix of this aggregate and high aluminia cement and plastered the woodburner.
On its side first then when it had gone off the back then the other side.
Leave it dry and light very small fires otherwise it will crack from trapped steam. Once really dry brilliant- like new.

Thanks all I will have to go with the easiest option my skills & funds are limited.  

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