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fingers crossed

Just asking for fingers crossed and good luck for Darren who has qualified his horse Jo Jo for HOYS.  They are off tomorrow and their class is on Wednesday - Foxhunters - Its the first time for both of them and my friend Paula (posts as Petal on here occasionally) is going as groom - she grooms for him everyweek anyway and he competes her horse for her but of course this one is a bit special.  Its not being shown on normal TV unfortunately and we don't have the sports chanels so if anyone watches HOYS this week it Darren Wise on Jo Jo - let me know how they look!

Best of luck to Darren and Jo Jo   . Its not an easy feat to qualify for HOYS so hats off to him


Darrens class is the national fox hunters final and starts at 6.35 on wednesday night.

Hope he does well. Will look out for photos in H&H. Love Lizzie
mrs tiggywinkle

Wishing him well.  

Well, His class started at 6.30 and as at 5pm he was a bit like a swan - all calm on the suface and an awful lot going on underneath the water!  He has drawn 18th out of 22 jumpers so am waiting to hear - added pressure for Darren as just about the whole yard have travelled up to Birmingham to see him jump  - and its really not a small yard with a lot of competition horses.

Poor darren and jo Jo.  12 faults.  darren just couldn't hold him on the approach to the final tripple combination.

Poor Darren and jo jo, but at least they got to HOYS and has now had the experience, they will do better next year  

Shame but at least he has had the experience of doing it and can look forward to more of the same
mrs tiggywinkle

What a shame...still its all good experience for them both and hopefully they'll make the grade again next year.

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