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Fingers crossed.

Last evening at around 8.00pm the poultry were making a bit of noise and I asked our eldest to check if there was a cat around. He did and couldn't see anything. A few minutes later, I went across  the fields to feed the pigs and there it was, our first daylight fox in years. It was quite literally only 20 yards away from our ducks with nothing protecting them and nothing preventing it from having an easy meal. When the fox saw me, it ran up the field, right past the fox trap that we'd reset earlier in the day.
For the last few years we've lead a charmed life where day time foxes have been concerned but now I've got something to worry about.
I'll be checking the trap later this morning and I've also put another one in the hedge where it jumped the bank. Fingers crossed for a quick result.

Fingers crossed. It's been a dreadful year around here, this year, not just for me but many others, some wiped out almost completely, others just the odd one or two, all daytime attacks and often with people about

I disturbed one, 2 o'clock in the afternoon, bold as brass looking for a way into the hens field.
I put two strands of electric fence wire round the perimiter, not seen it since.
Keeping fingers crossed.

I saw a cub running out of the wood where mine are the other day 1 in the afternoon. It almost feels as though they're cheating when they visit in the day  

No joy this morning. Trap still set and wire unmoved. I got two pictures of it on the trail cam, one at around midnight and the other at 5.00am.
Rare one

You should be able to sleep easy tonignt Bodger, B.P has just walked back in the house with a brush in his hand. Raynard is no more.  

     That's what mates are for.

There was a big cub in the trap this morning, That's two accounted for but there's almost certainly a few more about.

I bet he he was not there long

I locked the chickens up as usual last night but something must have decided to sleep out. I don't know what I've lost yet but we heard a chicken get nabbed at about half past four this morning.

It was one of my Ancona pullets.
Dave C

I've never known as many as this year

Good luck catching him mate

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