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Fingers crossed for loads of apples this year.

After last years dismal apple harvest, fingers crossed that things continue as they are and  at the moment. Its looking as though there could be a good crop this year. Now that the blossom has gone, there are loads of tiny apples on my trees.
I've also been keeping my eyes open as I've been driving around. Not necessarily for road safety reasons, but I've been looking in on the other orchards that I get my apples from and once again, things are looking good.
How are the apple trees in your area looking?

Ours are looking good, and have found a farmer in the next village with a small orchard.  He's tried making his own cider before but unsuccessfully - so, we'll take some apples in exchange for cider.

There is also an orchard in town, but Im unsure as to ownership.  It is in an area that used to be a walled garden to a house, now divided off. I think a note through the door is called for....

Lots of Apple's just starting to show, same with pears and plums. Nothing last year. Lots of Rockefellers, cordial making this weekend

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