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Fingers crossed for a good crop.

Fingers crossed for a good crop. I took these pictures in one of the orchards first thing this morning. The trees are four or five year old Red Windsors and Worcesters. The two produce delicious eating apples, which we make into bottled apple juice.
As the saying goes, "there's many a slip between sip and cup" and touch wood the weather remains kind to us. There certainly seems to be plenty of insects about this year and we're hoping for the best.

I can share the pictures with you but I can't share the fantastic scent from the blossom. Its absolutely heady! Each morning, I have the privilege of walking through the orchards with my buckets to feed  the pigs. For the last couple of weeks, my stroll has been priceless.

On to today, there's a fantastic forecast but tomorrow is going to be horrible, so I'm making the most of it. I'll be mowing the orchard, with the odd break in between to clean the occasional chicken shed out.
Forgetting the thought of the chicken shit, I'm looking forward to the combined scent of the blossom and freshly cut grass. I can't think of anything better. Someone up there is definitely looking after me
Yorkshire Geordie

And long may the person above be looking after you, Bodger.
Spring time is what it's all about - everything starting afresh, new and promising.
The   makes it even better.

Love the smell of fresh mown grass

horace wrote:
Love the smell of fresh mown grass
agree more so when it is our hay  


Nice looking place, I bet it's beautiful in Summer too
The scent of the blossom is lovely too. I have one apple tree, and have been chasing off a pair of bullfinches all week  

I hope it's a bumper crop for you.

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