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Finger Lakes of New York fishing.

The Finger Lakes of central / western New York State
include eleven lakes.  They provide some excellent fishing
opportunities and thought I'd share a few photos.

I live next to Keuka Lake where we have a variety of fish
including three species of trout, landlock salmon, bass,
panfish, pickeral and a few pike.

Photo below is Keuka Lake looking north to south.

Keuka Lake looking south to north.

Perch are one of our favorite fish to eat and had some excellent luck this past fall.

Perch fillets for dinner...

We have two species of bass, this is a decent sized smallmouth bass caught in the fall.

Would like to see some of your fishing photos!

Some nice looking fish there also some nice scenery

Re: Finger Lakes of New York fishing.

adirondack-jim wrote:

Would like to see some of your fishing photos!


I am nortoriously good at not catching any fish, so I think you'll have to wait a while before I can post some up to date fishing photos.

In the mean time, here are a some of Photos of Pike caught by me last year:

A Pike of about 6 or 7 ounces:


A better Pike of about 4 lbs:


This one is even better at 17 lbs:


Looks like you're doing well to me!  Tell me a bit about the waters you fish.

Also, what's a zander?

i'm only good for throwing my self in

Most of the rivers that I fish here in Norfolk, are only average in size for the UK; say about 50 feet wide, and about 5-6ft deep. Although I do fish on some of the wider sections of the Rivers; Great Ouse, Yare, Ant, Thurne and Bure. Currently I do not have a boat, and my access to the Norfolk and Suffolk broads system is restricted to accessable public banks.

I fish exclusively for the Predatory Species; Pike, Perch, Zander and Chub. In answer to your earlier question, a Zander is close relative to the North American Walleye. The European Zander is striped, where as the Walleye is spotted.

The main methods that I employ are Lure, dead, and live baits. The types of lures that I use are through the whole spectrum, and you would be familar with most of them: Spinnerbaits, Floating Minnows, Crank style Alphabet lures, Surfacepoppers, Walk the dogs, and the (plastic) rubber shads. I have a preference for minnow baits and the European style of Jerkbaiting, but most of my Pike fall to a twin blade Colorado Spinnerbait in blue.

I really like to sling large European style Jerkbaits around: mainly Salmos; Jack, Warrior, Fatso and  Slider

I also enjoy casting Surface lures such as; poppers  walk the dogs, and sub-surface minnows. Mainly from the; Yo-Zuri, Tsunami, and Daiwa TD ranges. Particular favourites are: Yo-Zuri Mag Popper, Mag Darter, Tobimaru, and Hydro Squirt, and from the Daiwa Saltwater range: TD Pencil, Minnow, Chugger, and Jerkbait.

I am also noted as large lure user, having made, used and caught Pike with home-made; 12, 14, 16 & 18 inch long minnow style lures (yes, those sizes are correct   ) and ironically when I use these lures, the Pike that I catch are usual not much bigger than the lure.

I do a fair amount of live bait and dead bait fishing, and the rigs that I normally employ can be seen at the page on this link: Although, I will also employ a modified sea fishing Pulley rig, and an adapted Zyg-rig from time to time. When dead bait fishing I have a preference to us dead Sea fish from the fishmongers, mainly the oily fish: Sprat, Herring and Mackeral, and when live baiting I will use what I can catch for baits, with a preference for Gudgeon ( and Ruffe (

I am also nortorious for being Britian's only active Burboteer. The Last British Burbot; Lota Lota was captured in 1974, and has since been declared extinct in the UK: However, I am not one to let such a small and minor detail as that either deter or stop me.

Appreciate the time you took to share your fishing methods and all the information links.  Should keep me busy for a while.

Are your perch anything like our perch in the picture I posted?  Good luck with the burbot!  We have them here if you want to try your luck on a vacation.

Still looking forward to seeing some pictures of the falcons you had.  Were you able to fly them on any game?


Bodger has fished on the Keuka Lake and when we came to the Finger Lake region we stayed at a motel on the banks of the lake

I remember Flatiron posting some pics of a visit on one of our forums.  Glad you had the chance to see our small part of the world and hope you had a good visit.

I like it so much, I've revisited three or four times. Thanks to Von, I've fished on a good many of the Finger Lakes. My favourite has got to be the small one known as Honey Oye. I hope I've spelt it correctly.

Glad you had the chance to fish a number of the lakes. Lived here a long time and haven't made it over to fish Honeyoe yet.  It's easy to get spoiled with Keuka Lake in my front yard and especially with friends living on the lake with boats!

When's your next visit?  Flatrion's getting old and senile so don't wait too long.

You're so right, he's starting to smell a bit as well

Zander are identical to what are called walleyes in the US.

Hah!  Some of the smell might go away if he'd wash that trapping van out at the end of each season...

Jeez.      You bring memories flooding back to me.
This is the guy who couldn't understand why I was none to keen on bringing a bottle of fox urine back in my suitcase.
I'll be giving 'Stinky' a phone call later tonight.

Make sure you make it a "collect" call so he'll pay the bill and you can tell him it was my idea...

Greetings ADJ.

I do believe that our Perch are the same as your Perch, but the markings are different. British Perch only have five stripe bars; the centre one  usually a Y.

I forgot to mention earlier that the vast majority of the minnow style and surface lures that I use are the Saltwater verisons. I have a thing about blue lures; usually Mackerel, and Sardine pattern. This is because when I go sea lure fishing I target Sea Bass, and I've only ever caught Sea Bass on Mackerel and Sardine Patterns. Until I moved to and settled here in Norfolk, I found that Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire Pike where rather indiscriminate in the lures that they hit; the Norolk Pike on the other hand I find are very difficult for me to capture. In my experience, 9 times out of 10, they will not hit a moving lure, but will engulf a stationary one ..... something that in 30 odd years of Pike angling I find very hard to accomodate: I naturally speed a lure up or impart a rapid jerk when I see a Pike following, which usually results in the Pike making a lunge. This was highlighted with the capture of the Pike in the pictures above. The 4 lber followed a Yo-Zuri Mag Darter (Sardine pattern) right to the side of the boat and only hit it when I had finished my retrieve. The 17 lber hit a mis-cast Yo-zuri Mag popper (Mackeral Pattern) which had landed high in the reeds. I flicked the lure out of the vegetation, and then spent a few seconds sorting the line out, and that's when she hit.

We don't have many pike on our lake but can see that happening where they want to hit a stationary lure.  I do find that happening very often with our smallmouth bass though.  

Looks like your a fan of Yozzuri lures and so am I.  A bit more expensive but they seemed to last a long time and the fish really seem to like them.  I can see where the mackerel and sardine colors would work well.  We seem to have good luck in both fresh and saltwater with white and red and white.

If your were to look into my lure box, you would see that 70%+ of them will have Blue as the predominate colour. Ironically in the all methods predator fishing matches that I have competed in; it was Gold & Bronze Patterned deep diving Alphabet lure that allowed me to take the top prize in a regional, and a Red-head Yo-zuri Tobimau minnow that gave me largest lure caught fish (1lb 7 oz) Jack Pike 5 minutes before the end in a National.

You are right though: I do love those Yo-zuri lures, along with the; Daiwas', and Tsunamis'.

Jim. Here's an acount of a fishing trip that I had with Von two or three years ago.

Fishing in NYS

Now I quite literally did have to go miles to catch these fish. These pictures are from my trip to NYS a couple of years ago.

On the first day of our fishing holiday in New York State with Flatiron we went boat fishing on Canandaigua Lake.
We had a great days fishing and ended up getting sun burnt. The sun was bright and the temperature was way up into the sixties.

My first catch was a Small Mouthed Bass of about four and a half pounds.

Looey the owner of the boat also caught one.

Heres the boat we used with a 115 hp outboard on the back

We caught over a hundred perch between us , probably ten pickerel ( small pike ) and the two bass.

Heres a group picture of the four of us and the best of the perch.

When we got back home, Von and Louie filleted the fish and produced 14lb of perch fillets.

They tasted divine.

Very nice bass.  Those perch are toads and that's a lot of fillets!  Thanks for the photos.

Wankers!    How about these perch from a couple of years ago ?


Nice haul Von, looks like another fine feast in the making!  

Manged to pick these up today on spin gear and minnows in Keuka from shore.


Good catch Jim especially from the shore. With the exception of his beloved bullhead fishing, Von doesn't seem to do much shore fishing.

I'd much rather be in a boat don't own one. My main fishing partner bugged out to southern Florida for the winter...

bodger wrote:
Good catch Jim especially from the shore. With the exception of his beloved bullhead fishing, Von doesn't seem to do much shore fishing.

Bodger , ya have to remember that access to some shoreline fishing isn't possible besides W/ the boat ya can go where the fish are biting .

Take Jim with you the next time you'r short of a cabin boy.

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