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Finally ?

Finally ?
I think I might have cracked it !
For the last few weeks I've had a heck of a job to get my oldest batch of growing chickens to feed properly. I struggled to wean them off chick crumbs and  onto growers pellets to such an extent, that I felt I had to go back to with them to crumbs again but by that time, they'd become half hearted at eating them as well. I tried them with quail pellets but they didn't fancy that either. I was so desperate I even resorted to giving them bread and tried them on the mix I feed my adult poultry but with very little joy.
They've been proper little swines to feed and I've been losing heart with them. Then today, a chap who has hatching eggs off me turned up at my door for a couple of dozen and I told him what's been going on.
He told me that the only thing he ever fed any of his birds on was layers mash, Whether they be day olds or in full lay.
I hadn't got any mash in, the only thing I had was the virtually untouched 20kg bag of growers pellets that I'd bought for them. Anyway, this afternoon I soaked a load of them and mashed them up a bit. Thank goodness, they decided to whop the lot down their necks.
All I've got to hope now is that they scoff the next lot I give them. They've certainly got some catching up to do. I can't fathom what's been going through their tiny little minds but there definitely hasn't been that much going down their necks.

How odd!?! Never had any problems with chicks eating.

I had this problem with some ducklings, solved it by getting some layer crumbles, bigger than chick crumbles but not as big as the pellets. You'll probably find you can get grower crumbles as well.

Trouble with giving chicks layer mash from the start is the low protein levels and the lack of meds in the form of a coccidiostat.
Dave C

I've had to grind growers up with a mortar & pestle before for the first few days on growers.
Is much quicker putting it through the hand mincer  

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