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Few of the dogs in the new run

Dismantled my old timber unit, and replaced it with two galvanised runs and wooden cabins, so figured I'd stick a couple of photos in of the dogs. Only got to sort out the roof now  


Now that looks real smart, well done .

I bet that they have made life easier
Dave C

Well i was just talking about doing the same thing this morning.
I need to loose the timber run and go galvanised, were they difficult to source?

They look very smart by the way mate  

Very smart - kennels and dogs!

Pretty simple I got mine from Animal Pens and Panels, ordered and paid over the phoned and they were delivered two days later, once he ensured he had the panels I wanted in stock.

I got the wooden dog cabins from another supplier, I forget the name but can find it easier enough if you need it.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Dogs
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