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Dave C

Few new Chucks

If your gonna biuld a new pen!

Might as well have a few new chucks!

Mrs C always says my chickens are ugly  
So I got these for the corner of the garden.

Well she can't complain about those beautiful ones


Cracking birds Dave and cracking photos of them too.

I do not know the first thing about chickens but those are absolutely beautiful.
Dave C

Well thank you everyone  

There is 3 different blood lines in there.
So who knows what the quality of the chick will be.
But looking forward to finding out.

Eggs in the incy today  

Smashing birds Dave.
What breed are they ?
Dave C

Thanks mate they are Blue Laced Wyndotte bantams

Dave C wrote:
Thanks mate they are Blue Laced Wyndotte bantams

Thanks I was going to ask the breed - very pretty birds

They are great looking and thanks for breed a I have never seen anything like them. They are   love their house
Dave C

Thanks pal.

I always look out for any chicken/ rabbit houses for sale locally.
If there cheap I get them.

That one , I bought about 8 years ago.
New it would come in handy  

cracking looking set up , and braw birds  
tai haku

love the blue laced, I think if I had my time again I might have started with them and not silver laced.

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