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Dave C

Few chick pics

They are 4 days old now.

Bishop Rangers

Feathering up well

Hybrid Meat x Marans

Cockerels have black spots on them

Pullets are black (maybe)


Nice looking chicks they pose well too

Those pullets are going to have some colour to them.
Dave C

Yes she looks nice, with some big old legs on her.
If this sex linked is correct, she is the only one
All other Marans crosses are cockerels, will see.

What obliging models you have there - maybe show birds? ;)
Dave C

And man have they grown

I tell you I could put a stick through the Bishop Rangers, put them on the BBQ and they would feed 2 people at only 2 weeks old.

The Marans crosses are just as big but without as much Breast meat already.
Dave C

My mistake, there only a week and a bit old.
Dave C

Had a heat lamp problem last night and of course I had lent out my spare to a mate with a litter of pups, typical.

So it was back into the little 3' brooder I use for the first few days after hatching.
It was standing room only I can tell you, but got it replaced first thing this morning, so panic over  

To be honest they are very well feathered for 2 weeks so might have been ok but better safe than sorry.
Dave C

Update on my Bishop Ranger crosses at 3 weeks now.
Feathering up nice and off heat.
Will be outside by the weekend.

The Bishop Rangers are the meatier birds already.
The Marans cross cockerels are still doing well and gaining more black markings.
The Marans cross Pullet is turning from black to gold, think she will end up gold cuckoo.

I'm looking forward to seeing the end product. They certainly look the business.  

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