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Festive Food Recipe Competion.

Right, I am going to offer a 10.00 Amazon voucher as a prize for the very best festive recipe.

Competition is open to every OTG member, with the exception of me.

Closing date is 23.59 GMT Friday 2nd January.

There will be only one prize: a 10 Amazon voucher which will be emailed to the lucky winner on January 10th.

The Judge's decision is final........ and I am the only Judge!

You must post a full recipe, including Ingredients, weights & measures, method, and any special instructions, etc. and don't forget that we love to see photos here on OTG, so you must post at least one photo of the finished recipe, ready to serve.

The ingredients should be easily or reasonably obtainable: I don't want to see any recipe that includes Wildebeest cheeks, Alligator shanks, Lotus Lily stamens, Pitcher plant petals, Himalayan Yak's milk, etc. I want to be able to buy all the ingredients from the local shops.

It can be any kind of recipe that you would prepare and serve over the festive season. Such as; Mum's secret parsnip soup recipe, Aunty's ultimate Xmas pud, Granny's double boosted Sherry trifle, Uncle's BBQ Turkey wings, the cocktail that got the better of you at the office party, your neighbours favourite Xmas ham cure, the local Pub landlord's festive mulled wine & cider, the kids favourite gingerbread house recipe................ I think you have all got the picture by now, so off you go then.

I'll start:

Gareth's Home-made Bucks Fizz.

This is another one my naturally captured Yeast methods of brewing, which I enjoy doing so much and is so easy to accomplish, resulting in it being virtually non alcoholic if consumed up until about the 10-14 day mark, and increasing in Alcohol ABV% from then onwards. It is also one of those fizzy naturally carbonating drinks that ferments under pressure in the bottle: So bottle it up into plastic pop bottles: You have been pre-warned!

You will need the following;

A 2 gallon/10 litre bucket.

Enough Plastic screw top fizzy pop bottles to accommodate 5 litres.

A wooden or plastic spoon

A large saucepan

A funnel

A filter of some description: I like and use a wire mesh bowl filter from a coffee maker.

A piece of muslin cloth to cover the bucket with.

A thermometer (but not really necessary)

And a home brewing hydrometer (if you wish to keep track of the ABV%)


30 grams of Dried Elderflower (or 10 fresh Elderflower heads when in season)

3 litres of Orange juice; freshly squeezed or from a carton (guess which I use?).

400 grams of clear Honey.


350 grams of White Granulated Sugar.

Or a combination of Honey and Sugar

Lots of boiling water.


Add 25 grams of the dried Elderflower to 2 litres of boiling water, and simmer for 30-45 minutes. Then dissolve the Honey and/or the sugar in this solution, whilst stirring well. Remove from the heat and pour the contents of the pan into the plastic bucket. Allow to cool to below 40 degrees centigrade (or about body temperature), and then stir in the 3 litres of Orange juice. Stir occasionally over the next couple of hours; 5 or 6 times is sufficient. Sprinkle the remaining 5 grams of dried Elderflower onto the surface of the solution without allowing too much of it to sink. Cover the bucket with a piece of Muslin to keep the bugs and insects out, and allow it to stand for approx. 3-4 days to allow the naturally Yeasts to flourish. When you can see a few frothy bubbles appearing on the surface, give it all a good stir, filter and bottle the mix into plastic screw top fizzy pop bottles.

Allow the solution to ferment for another 7 days or so in the plastic bottles before drinking.

Dried Elderflowers. As you can see from this photo, dried Elderflower bought on the market is rather unimposing to look at, but it has a very strong and beautiful Elderflower aroma; this is the 5 grams that I kept aside to begin the fermentation process from the naturally occurring yeasts still present on the dried flowers.

The rest of the Dried Elderflower, Orange juice, Honey and Sugar all simmering away nicely in the pan:

When the mixture has cooled down to room temperature sprinkle the saved dried Elderflower upon the surface of the mix; this is what will start the fermentation process.

Then cover with a piece of Muslin and allow to stand until bubbles can be seen on the surface; depending upon the ambient temperature this will be usually be between 3-4 days . Then strain, bottle, and allow another 5-7 days fermenting in the bottles at room temperature to attain up to a negligible 0.5%ABV. If allowed to ferment longer, the %ABV will increase.


So, is anyone going to have a go? or shall I shut this down?

Start cooking tomorrow Mate, depending on time, will see what I can offer.

(So much to fit in over the next few days, Family turning up, pessies to wrap, cards to write, of course cooking all the fancy bits )

Will do my best,    have a good one    

I'm working on it too!!

I'm working on it too!!

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