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fertility,hatching and survival

been off site for AGES what with work ish ,life generally and health not had much spare time but hope to be on a bit more from now !
 how are people finding fertility/hatching this year? were about to set our fifth broody tomorrow but so far this season hasnt been the best ! first "pullet" caught us unaware end of jan on 13 eggs (6 hatched ,4 died chipping and 3 didnt get to chip) then after 6 weeks she killed 3 of them     so took them off her and used a lamp! ,2nd broody(one of last years proven broody's) set on 10 eggs only 3 hatched (7 infertile) 3rd set on 10 eggs ,6 hatched but 4 died next day, and last one set on 12 eggs and 6 hatched but 1 died after 2 days ,fingers crossed for next lot ! 3 different young stags/cockrells  and certainly treading regular !  last year coudnt go wrong with fertility or rearing under broody's struggled a bit with the incy but still happy ,granted this year has started early and weather not been great

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