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Ferrets, longnets and lurchers...(pic heavy)

I had my first day out of the new season ferreting with Chalkwarren yesterday. It was set to be a special day as Chalkwarren was giving his young pup Dusty her first taste of working to ferrets and longnets. We were joined for the day by a friend, Ken, and his lurcher Teagan.

There is always a little anxiety on a pups first day as so much can go wrong around the nets, which can so easily cut into a dog should they mis-time their runs. I'm pleased to say Dusty done fantastically well. By the end of the morning she had cottoned on to what was needed and her ferreting carreer was off to a great start.

Dusty......Chalkwarrens blue merle bitch

Teagan......Kens collie lurcher

Chalkwarren running out the longnets

Ken with the ferrets

Dusty off to a flyer

It went down there Dad...!!!!!!

Teagan putting on the pressure

This one wont be gettin away

Neither will this one...!!!

Not a bad result for a few hours on a Sunday morning.

A brilliant way to spend a Sunday morning.

Excellent post. brillilant pics.

Nothing like a bit of ferreting on a Sunday morning, then down the boozer for a few jars, to discuss the next outting.  

What camera and lens do you use?

The pictures of the dogs in particular, are very clear.

I love that blue merle lurcher
Thanks for the photos, I don't know how you find the time to take them with everything else going on as well.

Fantastic pics  

Great pictures, thank you for sharing them.

Looks like a good morning out mate! I keep promising myself I'll get a longnet  

Must get you up soon, Ade! Can't promise you any lurchers, but I'm sure we can sort you out with a few hours with the ferrets, & a wander about with a gun & lamp  

Thanks for the nice replies.....

The camera we used yesterday belongs to Chalkwarren, its a Nikon D90 with a 55-200 tele lens.

I was the designated camerman for the day Kaz, so didn't really do much more than take pictures. The action shots are mostly down to a huge portion of luck. You can get a rough idea of where a rabbit is about to bolt by watching the dogs but then it's a matter of pressing the shutter and hoping you get one or two useable pictures. I think I took about 150 shots in a couple of hours just for the few you see here.

I cant wait to get up Stu......I wont bring the dogs with me though, too many deer up there and it would be just too temting for them.

great pics  one of many sports i want to get into

Well Furdy as a person who's 2 greatest passions in life involve Photography and Ferreting thats pretty much as good as it gets,fantastic stuff both with Camera,Fert's and Lurcher's...SPOT ON!!    

this is a pic around 6 yrs old i posted on another forum it was my first attempt at long netting. Oh the kids are a bit older

Ps an excellent thread many than for the pics of you dogs

cracking series of photos - always had a soft spot for merles  

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