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Ferrets and lumps

Two of my ferrets the two mums of the pack, within a week of each other have a large lump come up just beyond the left jaw area, they are or was pretty solid took them to the vets, not sure at this stage whether a tumour or abcess/ bite etc told to bathe them (lumps)in warm water pack three times a day, have been doing this for a week +.

This evening when I went to re bathe the lumps on them the one on the earlier ferret lump has gone down dramatically and a hole is in the skin, have booked them back in the to the vets in the morning.

I hope they are an abcess from a tick bite or from fighting, when they first come up I and the vet couldn't find any cuts, bites or insect bite wounds bit of a mystery.

Anyone had the the same experience or problem or even a cure ?

The ferrets stayed very active and bright eyed and always as ever eating well throughout the whole event apart from the lumps as normal happy little ferrets

Are you running a hob with them?


Hi Bodger

All Jills they all live in a very large commune/run with elevated housing with a good day area with bushes and bits to keep them occupied and fit.

They all work at least two days a week in winter times, will be introducing a nuetered hob on season time this coming year but generally they all get on well they are the 2 mums 3 years old (sisters) and the five jill siblings I kept  from the two breeding last year.

Never had any problems before, my concern at first was the two older ones were affected virtually at the same time.

Vets inspected the popped lump and it is an abcess from a bite or a biting insect feed point yet no marks or holes found until the first one ripened and popped the other lump has now gone down to 10% of its size in less than a week.

Checked all the housing and ferrets no fleas or other biting insects evident, only treated them all a few weeks ago and a vet check up prior to season all in good order

All a bit strange really, vet is pleased as am I, it has hopefully panned out ok now, they have antibiotics to stem any further infections and should be fine now   -   fingers crossed

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