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Ferreting instincts

Morning All
Do ferrets have an inbuilt desire to run up (or down) small tubes, tunnels etc?
My 2 jills from this summers litter seem intent on climbing up inside the leg of my jeans when I go in to see them.
The older ferrets, Mummy, Auntie and Tumble (probably Dad) don't seem to bother.
I'm hoping that this will make them top rate hunters, I will be learning how this winter

Take care

Young ferrets are absolutely full of fun & mischief mate. This, along with their natural instincts, means that the majority will learn to hunt in their own time without any 'training' (as such) Plenty of pipes in their run will give them the chance to exercise their instinct & should prove a boon when you come to work them. They also love paper bags, incidentally. My lot go into playtime overdrive when I put an old feedsack in their run

Of course, some are more inclined to actively hunt than others. I've got 8, & while the majority are cracking wee workers, there're one or two that just seem to view the whole thing as a chance for some fun & games (I call 'em 'Net-wreckers'   )

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