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One for the Pot

Ferreting Available

I'm looking for someone with ferrets to come with me to clear/reduce some numbers of rabbits on my permission. My friend has given up keeping ferrets, and I have no interest in keeping them.

I tackle the rabbits by means of lamp/lurchers, however there are places and times where the ferret is needed.

The ground I work my dogs on varies from flat open land to heavy cover. The latter being the ground to hit as cover has died away making life a little easier to get to the rabbits.

I'm not after groups of people, would prefer a single person who is honest, I have grown up with these farmers and in this day and age they are more than ever wary of who walks their land and who I take on there.

I'm located in the South Beds area.

Please PM me.

I hope that you are lucky enough to find someone whose  trust worthy.

Pity your so far away from me, i got 4 ferrets that haven't seen much rabbit action this year or last year.

Seems rabbits in a wide radius and on any of my permissions are far and few between.

How far are you from Newport S.Wales ? and are there a lot of rabbits for a long trip ?


Shame i'm in the south east mate

You have a PM


Hi Artic I am in Herts rickmansworth. Dont know if you have found anyone yet. I have got a young whippet pup and have access to working ferrets, cant pm you as just joined forum. pm me if still looking for a partner Archi.
One for the Pot

All PM's now answered.

Thank you.

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