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Ferret advice

A week or so ago a ferret was lost whilst working the hedge for rabbits behind the poultry run. Last night I lost 4 8 week old chicks - typically the female ones.

Any advice on what to do ? I thought I had all the arks secured, wire under the run , no gaps etc. but forgot there was a very small hole drilled in the coop floor for drainage. The ferret used this as a place to start gnawing.

I know little about ferrets - are they mostly night hunters or daytime too ?

I've moved most of the birds to the yard and can put all the growers in the larger house tonight but not sure about daytime.

We've set a live trap (not sure if this is right ) anything else I can do?

The little 'b***** was still under the ark floor when I moved it and dashed through the pen wire into the hedge.If I had know it was there ...

Dashed? Most ferrets are fairly slow and curious.

Either live catch traps with Fresh meat ( Chicken  Rabbit ) bait in the trap. But I would get the ferreters who lost their ferret to come back and put their ferret box  with straw in it and meat and check if the ferrets back at least 3 times a day.

The ferret is catching the young chicks/ poults to survie , any true ferreter  wouldn't just leave their ferret  abandoned, esp with fowl stock being so close.

Only other thing is to use Fenn spring break back traps around the area where they are entering  ( Placed in a tunnel of box to prevent anything else getting caught )

hope this helps

bodger wrote:
Dashed? Most ferrets are fairly slow and curious.

I think my screams might have had something to do with it  

Usually OK but it made me jump - I was expecting to see the head of chick, as it had dragged one down through the hole  ( the rest of it's body was sticking up in the house ) then when something moved I went into ...girly mode.

Thanks Hopefullbry, We've set a live trap with one of the birds it killed as bait  and have placed the trap between the hedge and fence where it 'dashed' through.

I'll try and contact the owner to see if he can do as you say and place the ferrets box in the area.
Dave C

Well we have a few ferrets and do a bit with them.

Wouldn't dream of just leaving one to run loose.
If you loose one down a set and need to go, you would heal the holes in and come back first thing in the morning to get it.

Totally agree with holpefulbry's post  

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