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Fenn Trap advice please

Hi folks
Can anyone give me some advice on setting a fenn trap and best place to site one etc. Do you need to bait ?
I noticed a hole under the slabs that are under the hen shed and then saw a rat a day or two later. The holes in the run with the hens so I've used and old wooden bread box as something to put it in out of the way of the hens, cats and kids.

Its nice to see you back here Rich.

Have a look at these links.

This ones a cracker

There's more information here.

 thanks for that Bodger very useful, I just knew this was the place to come for the right info.
And thanks for the welcome back too.

I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

1 more question why do you boil them before use ??

I don't .

Two possible reasons come to mind. With new traps it might get rid of the factory smell. I bury them in the garden for a week to get around this, or it might be to get rid of blood and other body smells.  

Cheers, I wont bother then just bung it in and see what happens  

Good hunting. I often scratch up the soil infront of the tunnel, it seems to make the pests curious.

I'm probably going to put it in the hen run itself with plenty of weight on top of the tunnel, the rats seem to be emerging from just inside the run safe from my cat.


You might also find this link useful

Beginers Guide to Tunnel Trapping

Brilliant information on that link.

 Oh great thats very useful, it arrived this morning, The safety was on, but it is in the set position. Should be fun undoing it  

Off to build a tunnel or two,  saw a real big rat yesterday, well its bum end and tail as it disappeared into my log pile, tail looked as thick as my finger. hate the bloomin things

Well I still have all my fingers here's a few pics of what I've built from bits laying around the garden. I'm a real horder  

This is one place I think they are coming in, the other side of the fence is a culvated brook so they are always about sometimes more than others.

So after a good hard look it seems there is a path going towards the pond and the hen house. Positioned my trap along there.

What do you think, ok or not ?
matt the rat

Looks pretty good to me.

There is a post on here somewhere about letting off fenn traps.  Whatever you do, don't use a stick, you will risk knackering the trap for good.

Don't worry too much about burying the trap in the tunnel, you are better off having it sitting 'proud', and don't bother covering the pan either.

A few Fenns around the holding will pick up passing rats before they get established, and best of all, it's an organic, poison free way of doing it.

Thanks for the advice Matt I think I've seen the article on letting one of these off safely.

We always have had them on and off, the other side of the fence you can see is a 6" wide strip of ground then a 4' drop into a brook.

I worry about using poison in case  one of my cats catch the dying rat and indirectly injests the poison. I do use a flour bicarb mix that seems to work quite well during the colder months.
matt the rat

It sounds like the brook is the likely source of the problem.  Half a dozen fenns set up around the holding permenantly should keep on top of it.

Be very careful with your flour/bicarb mixture.  Not only is it illegal (it's not approved under CoPR), but it's also much more dangerous to your cats and other non-targets than a conventional anti-coagulant rodenticide.  Your cats would have to eat a large quantity (probobly hundreds) of dead rats or mice before it had any noticable effect on them.  Modern rodenticides are very safe if used correctly.

Ideally, with enough good tunnel sets around, you shouldn't need to reach for the poison too often.  Keep an eye on the bank above the brook for burrows - BUT, be careful there are no water voles around.  If you do find confirmed rat burrows, spoon the correct amount of bait (read the label of the product to find out how much) into each burrow and block up the entrance with stones.  Check them each day, and rebait and block any that are reopened.

Cheers Matt I'll have a look at the brook tomorrow if I get some time, a bit further up it becomes council land so if I find anything in their bit I'll let them know.

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