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Fencing to be done today

As I sit here at the computer, its still dark outside, the wood burners lit and I'm contemplating what's in store for me today. A day outdoors in the fresh air is beckoning. I'm going to be knocking fence posts in.

I bought the materials to do some post and rail fencing quite a while ago and todays the day that I finally get stuck into doing it. My friend Blind Pugh from across the fields is going to be coming over to help me do it.

Stage one will begin first thing this morning when we'll be taking the old fence down. Photo updates through out the next couple of days.

As I see it, one of the main problems is that as soon as the old fence is down, then our ducks will be able to get to the wildlife pond.

Good luck with that one

Wish you well as we had a digger with borer on to do post holes even went threw phone/computor plus incoming water pipe   but half posts in and newfences up

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