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lara janzen

Feline bladder stones


Does any one know anything about where I can get a homepathice preventative for feline bladder stones - the calcium oxalate ones?

We have very hard water and my twin boys are developing sever bladder stones - one is currently undergoing dialasis - so I am looking for a supplement that will help the cause.


I don't know of a homeopathic remedy, but my late tortoiseshell suffered from calcium oxalate bladder stones for many years and lived permanently on a diet of medicated biscuits made by Eukanuba especially for the problem, available from the vet, and no more expensive than normal biscuits when bought in a 3kg bag.
They did the trick - if I slipped up and forgot to order them and put her on normal food, the stones came back.
lara janzen

Thank you

Thank you seabird - the reason I am looking for a supplement is that supplies of european animal foods in Turkey are not consistent - I amy be able to geth the food for a while then not for some months - so am looking for a supplement I can order over the internet and have delivered here.

Thanks for the info on the Eukanuba - I will look for some here - whish me luck!!!!!!!!


Good luck and what a lovely picture of your twin boys :-)

Sheba has suffered from stones in the past and her owner has her on a strict diet.  Probably one of the reasons she comes to other houses in sear of treats.  We know what she can and can't have, and fortunately she has a thing about rainwater.

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