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Feeling a bit nostalgic this evening

So here's a double header for you.

Whose your favourite voice over actor or actress and which adverts do they apear in ?  


While you're mulling that one over, which LP would you mark down as you're all time favourite ? This can be sixties, seveties, or eighties.  If you ask me why can't you have the nineties, its my game and you're far too young.

Chris Isaak    Wicked Game    80's :q52:

Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys.

well advert wise has to be one of the carling black label ones such as

album has to be quadrophenia and the 70,s

Thats a hard one there is so much good music  

Favourite Album of all time has to be;

Led Zepplin - Volumne 4 -  Stairway to Heaven - 70's

All time classic  

The guy who does the Honda ads.. is it Rutger Hauer??  

Definitely without a shadow of a doubt Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  Preferably late at night with a naughty smokey thing (not that I would EVER do that of course).


You're going to pot.

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