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Yorkshire Geordie

Feeding and fledgelings

Mrs YG has a thing about wild life.  
Unfortunately, it's not the WILD life I used to know, but animals in the surroundings.
We have 'nature' wild areas in the garden and bird feeders hanging all around. We even have a bird table which is constantly replenished.
We tend to see the squirrels growing large on their frequent forays and the pigeons round our patch are massive.  
This morning I took breakfast al-fresco and caught a few birds, which I'll share with you:-

Hungry blackbird

Hungry robin

Chaffinch chick

Mr Chaffinch

A plump collared dove


A rough looking blackbird

Dive bombing blackbird

George seagull

A young throbbing robin

Even this flew in


great photos thanks

nice to see a lovely photo, it made my face smile , whilst sitting here at work on my early lunch break .

Fantastic pics!
If you'd had an air rifle, rather than your camera, that pigeon would have been a great supper shot

Thanks for sharing....really enjoyed looking through them....

12Bore wrote:
Fantastic pics!
If you'd had an air rifle, rather than your camera, that pigeon would have been a great supper shot
Yorkshire Geordie

I agree 12Bore, a different sort of shot that would give me GREAT pleasure.  
Mind you, I once had pigeon pie (when I was a wee bairn) that was shot with a 12 bore by my mate's dad.
It tasted, if I remember rightly, like dry rabbit.  
What I didn't particularly like was forever spitting the lead shot out of each mouthful.

Around us here in Devon they are worse than the gulls and are prolific.
They cRAp everywhere, eat everything, coo-coo in a monotonous drone and are as clean as a flying rat.  
They also nest on my chimney pot and tend to block the flue when they drop in and die.
Very inconsiderate birds aren't they?
Grandma Bodger

loved the photos pardon my ignorance but what is a spuggie  sparrow maybe
Yorkshire Geordie

Grandma Bodger, a spuggy, or spuggie, definition is to be found here

In short = "Spuggie means sparrow in the Geordie dialect, spoken in the Tyneside region of North East England. (Particularly Newcastle)"


Yorkshire people call sparrows spuggies too

nice to see a spuggie on wor scuell spute

Lovely pics  


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