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chicken feed

Feed bill cut !!

Yesterday we had a visit from a lovely man looking at buying a new boar we met his son at one of the shows and he took our details, well he turned up with his trailer having come a good few miles looked the available boars over picked a July 2014 out. just about to load when he asked if I had any breeding females available next thing we were loading three of the 2015 show team onto his trailer.

He was rather impressed with the ease they loaded having been shown they are all trained to walk up the ramp on the instruction "trailer".

They are going to increase his 10 sow herd on his 600 acre farm that supplies his butchers shop along with his home bred lamb & beef.

This came at a perfect time as this week sees entries close for the show and sale where all surplus stock were heading . my entries were standing at 6 but are now down to 1 saving me a 15 per head entry fee.


Good job  

That just means, you have room for more.
chicken feed

bodger wrote:
That just means, you have room for more.

Your right with 3 litters on the ground and more on the way will be more keepers in readiness for 2016 just picked out a couple or three gilts and a boar when we tattooed at the weekend. Now we need to pick out some for the fat stocks nov/dec we go to these will be sold to butchers after the shows, the rest are spoken for and will be heading to a rare breed farm for their butchery & restaurant.

great timing    

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