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Feast your eyes on this.

What do you think ? I thought that it was brilliant. Can you imagine how daunting it must have been to start off on that wheatfield armed with just one sythe ?  

Brucie could do it in a quarter of the time but of course he was a Forsythe.

Somehow the modern machinery just doesn't have the romance.
One man, massive horsepower and fields the size of counties.
No contest.
I know what I'd sooner lean over the gate and watch.

All that hard, phyiscal, manual, labour  ..... .... .....  frightening ain't it Bodge.

For you ? Very possibly


If I had a new tyre and tube on my wheel barrow, it wouldn't be so daunting  

Nobody said it was new and i have got to go down to the river in the dark armed with spanners.

Good Man

When I first left school at sixteen with no full time Job I like most others in the early eighties took a lot of seasonal work. Leading bails was one of those jobs machinery made the harvest easier and less labour intensive but the bales had to be collected and loaded onto the trailers then unloaded and stacked in the yard. straw wasn,t that bad but hay was a bast***. One day I was working with my Dad he would have been in his fiftys the job was simple the bales came off the trailer to the ground  then I put my pitch fork in one end Dad put his in the other and we lifted them up to my oldest brother who was building the stack  at four feet thats easy but the higher you go above your head the harder it gets by the end of the day I was on my knees every muscle in my body ached I lay in a hot bath to ease the ache then had an early night to be ready for the next day Dad went out to play darts and still got up before me the next morning (He made sure I was up for work) the thing was from leaving school at 14 until he joined the prison service on permanent nights he never had a job that wasn't hard back breaking work. by comparison my life then and now is soft.
one sythe one field no problem start at the start and stop at the end these men (and for that matter women) only knew hard work it often broke their bodies but not their spirits.

My brother and I looked forward to hay making every year, it was indeed heavy work but we loved it.

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