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I spent 45 mins this afternoon, watching 7 hares playing in a field of ours. Fantastic sight as we have not had hares on our land for many years.

Just as I was walking away Reynard came for a nosey about, the hares did not seem bothered by his presents at all.

A heron flew over, and landed down on my fish pond, not sure his presents is needed or wanted there.


Hey! brilliant day...and great pics ..

Those hare pictures are brilliant.

I saw a red kite today, no more than half a mile from our place.

How wonderful - havent seen hares round here for years now, though there was always a field with them in every year.  Well done you - and lovely picces  

Great views - and pics!  

great pictures.

Ive seen a hare here just last week, really different from rabbits.  Mad eyes.

Fantastic !!! it's a long time since i saw that .
colour it green

ace pictures  

I would have loved to have seen those hares - very glad that you got pictures of them all
Yorkshire Geordie

Superb pictures, Border.
You obviously had a great day and snapped it up nicely.  
Grandma Bodger

Fantastic shots. Really enjoyed looking through them

Funny how different countries see things different, here "hares, quick shoot them" Those are

Lovely pics  

Lovely to see  

Fantastic Pics - Thank you for sharing  

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