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Fancy a paddle?

I don't now !

No thank you

They are smoothounds, which grow to about 1.5 m and a max weight of about 10kg (there are similar in size and larger Pike in most rivers!).

Smoothounds have flat teeth for primarily dealing with Crabs, small Lobsters, other crustaceans, shellfish and molluscs. They do not have the kind of teeth the public normally associate with sharks.

One of my summer escapades 15 years ago including wading out off Holkam beach to between waist and chest deep on an in-coming tide with a carrot bag half full of Mackerel heads, tails and guts on a 5 metre long cord attached to my waist and then lure fish for Blue Sharks (with real teeth!), casting Mackerel pattern lures with hooks tipped with little pieces of Mackerel flesh. Fortunately I had the good sense to change the lures' treble hooks for large single hooks. Even so unhooking smallish 5-7kg actively writhing Blue Sharks in waist deep water was a "rather intensely stimulating" experience.

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