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fancy a different perspective...?

I just thought I'd mention this (hope it's ok!) in case the keen anglers amongst you would fancy taking a look at fish in their youth and maybe helping out with a bit of active conservation in the process....

I'm the Fisheries Officer for Eden Rivers Trust in Cumbria and we're out most days between now and October carrying out electrofishing surveys for salmon and trout fry. We rely really heavily on volunteers to assist us in these surveys - I have nearly 300 to do this year and will need a volunteer for each of them. We're very lucky in that our local angling clubs are fantastic and help us out (as do the paddlers and lots of other individuals I hasten to add!) - and the people who come along to help usually find it fascinating.

So, i just thought I'd mention - if you're in or near Cumbria and would like a day out with a difference then please get in touch - but also that most of the other Rivers Trusts around the country will also currently be looking for volunteers - and it's good fun (I've caught just over 100 baby salmon today and lots and lots of beautiful spotty trout).

(We also look for people to help with surveys for native crayfish and water voles, and to get involved in river clean-ups and invasive plant removal)

Hope this is ok - it seemed to fit the OTG ethos!

Too far me, but it sounds like something that I would love to take part in.

i would dearly love to but again not my locale.

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