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Falling sultanas

Whenever I try to bake any sort of cake using mixed dried fruit or even just sultanas or raisins they all end up at the bottom of the cake, and not though the cake from top to bottom.

What am I not doing or doing wrong  

All I can say is do you once weighed drop them in a bowl of flower, which ever one you are using.
Sieve off the excess flower and then drop them in the mix.
That's how I was taught many years ago...and works for me...



Rare one


Thank you all for your replies.

I will try rolling them in flour next time I'm doing a bit of baking.

Just make sure to let us know if they start 'behaving' (along with...a few pics for proof.... )

Good luck

Thanks I have learnt too not that I do much for thay reason  

Don't know if this might help....but maybe you are 'overmixing' a bit much? (That thought just crossed my mind as usually that's what I tend to do wrong.... )

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