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Facebook Group ?

People who've known me on OTG for the last ten years, will know that I've long had an interest in traditional breeds of just about all kinds of poultry and in keeping them for the purposes they were originally created for. That's namely good quality, slow grown tasty meat and eggs that taste as they did fifty years ago.
While some breeds have disappeared altogether the rest, are pale facsimile's of what they used to be, which are only seen in show pens.

On the spur of the moment, yesterday I created a fb group for fellow enthusiasts seeking to preserve and promote what little we have left. Now I understand that it wont be for everyone but please pop in and have a look. It is very early days yet, so don't expect miracles over night.

I still believe that forums like OTG are much the best way to exchange and store information but what the heck, please give it a look.


Request to join sent  

tai haku

should be interesting - req to join sent!

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