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external hard drive

I need to get myself an external harddrive for transporting work!

Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?



I use segate freeagent goflex drives, has the advantage of an interchangeable interface so one drive can be firewire, usb2, usb3 esata depending what you want to hook it up to.

Does it have to be a hard drive?

Why not a flash drive? You can get them 32Gb & larger these days & you can just drag & drop straight to them direct from USB

Or if you need something bigger, a USB hard drive similar to this?

I regularly use a Western Digital Passport.
These are the 500gb version. Its powered by the USB and fits in a shirt pocket.



Karen went for one of these yesterday, after being told by our son Martin that she'd have to pay around 40 to fifty quid. WRONG ! The factory in Japan where they are made was wiped out by the tsunami and they are now as rare as rocking horse poo and the prices have more than doubled.

I have one of these, 16 gig for a tenner!! you can get 32 for 30.  very small and convenient.  I have an external hard drive as back up but for day to day stuff I copy my hard drive onto the USB stick, it's far mor convenient.

Bought one of theses just before Xmas.....,default,pd.html

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