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Exhibition mice

a few of mine
Pink eyed whites ,Black eyed creams and Black dutch


Well i never.

At the Federation poultry show just before Christmas they have a mouse show- I was talking to one chap and he was pleased as punch having brought a champion stud mouse for 15. Seemed a bargain to me.

The show was not great for spectators though- it was just boxes full on moving shavings- I could not see any mice.

I Think a decent mouse can be bred just as easy from some average stock as opposed from a champion buck/doe a litter of 6-12 can be bred every 3 week so chances are high of a good one its just knowing what that particular judge on that day is after
Just like chickens theres always someone prepared to buy winners which to me takes the fun out of it
by the way mine are 20 a trio

Bodgers got plenty!!! Im sure hed let you have them at a reasonable price  Love Lizzie

My daughter does rats. Belongs to all sorts of Societies and stuff.

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