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Excuse me being thick....

Ive never asked this question to anyone in a shop in case they think Im a right numpty but.....
..... can you get a cooker hood that dosent need outside ventilation? Our cooker is on an inside wall without access to a vent and Im pi**ed off with the condensation. Thanks kind to me  Im only a simple country lass. Love Lizzie
Rare one

Yes lizzie, I have one which came as part of the new kitchen a while back, got ours from Jewsons locally they were very helpful.

Not sure TBH but I think it'd be best if you could find a way of venting it to the outside somehow, even if it goes on a convoluted route as you don't want the smell/condensation going elsewhere in the house.

Hopefully someone who really "knows" the answer will come along soon.  

Ours is on an inside wall, there is a filter inside that absorbs everything.  I have no idea how often it needs changing (only lived here a couple of months).  There is an electric cable going into it for the light, but there doesn't seem to be any vent.

I've never had one before but I am converted.  We will hopefully be getting a new kitchen including a new oven at some point in the next couple of years, and I will definitely get a new hood.  The extractor part is useful for smells and steam, and the light is pretty handy too.

Forgot to add - the only stupid question is the one not asked  

I'm with Mrs WW about the Question as for range hoods most here are not vented as people don't like things sticking out of walls etc. most just like zboo's one, most you just take filters out and wash, some have fans and lights are only about 6 to 12 inches thick.

Mine is also on an inside wall with a filter. However I have an extractor fan in one of the windows near the hob for when I can't see the other side of the kitchen.

Yeah as already mentioned there are different options available so you at least have a choice.

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